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Announcing the Winner of our qPCR Machine Giveaway!

CEO Greg Schulz meeting with Steven We are happy to announce the MyGo Mini qPCR Giveaway Winner: Steven Lada of University of California San Diego. Steven is the lead technician at the CFAR (Center for Aids Research) Core at UCSD,

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Using the Right Microplate—What If My Process Is Sterile?

Typical molding temperatures for polypropylene microplates are 450°F or greater and most post-molding and packaging operations occur under ISO quality standards in certified clean rooms. Nevertheless, if you are doing everything known to man to support biological growth or replication in your experiments, you would want to start out with sterile materials.

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Ever Wonder Where Liquid Nitrogen Comes From?

Have you ever wondered where liquid nitrogen (LN2) comes from? Just look around you and take a deep breath…

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A New Method of Snap Freezing Bacteria Using BioCision’s CoolRack System

Introduction The preservation of bacterial cultures by freezing has long been reported (1,2). Several protocols (3,4) recommend snap freezing in glycerol or DMSO prior to storage. One common way to snap freeze is by submerging samples in a slurry of

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Optimize Pipette Operations with Reagent Reservoir Selection

Specialized Microplate Reagent Reservoirs Simplify Small Volume Transfers Utilizing a pipette tip box lid as a reagent reservoir has been commonly performed in many laboratory applications. It is an easy, quick, and low-cost mean of trasferring liquids to any equipment.

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